Happy New Year 2024


Welcome to 2024! There is a lot happening at the Dawson Library.

There will be a new face at the library. Please welcome Chole to the staff!

Upcoming programs are scheduled. They are:

We’ll be learning how to make a mini book as part of a monthly book binding series.

On the last day of January, we’ll paint some canvas at the library.

New Displays have cropped up around the library for January.

Happy Public Domain Day January 1



A lot of things entered the Public Domain on the first of year. Anything published 1928 and earlier is now in the public domain and free for all to use. Most notably, Steamboat Willie (the first incarnation of Mickey Mouse) is now free to use for all (just mind which Mickey you source as anything after 1928 is still protected). Others, such as Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag and Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence have also fallen into the public domain.

Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27

There are several books about the Holocaust and World War II to mark this year’s observance.

New Year, New You!

There’s some books about resetting for the new year from finances to health. Check them out for some inspiration.

Learn a New Hobby

Looking to learn a new hobby? Check out the display with all of the various books to learn something new in 2024!

Winter Reading 2024

Winter Reading is officially here. Pick up your log! There are mugs and bags as prizes for those who complete their logs before the end of March. There’s a display to get you in the mood!

A new Take and Make is also available for January. It’s a mini hat out of yarn. Everything you’ll need will be in a bag at the library. Pick one up today!

This month’s Staff Pick is The Hidden Language of Cats: How They Have Us at Meow by Sarah Brown. This delightful book captures why cats are so special to those who have them and just what it is they’re saying to us and to one another. 


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